CMES Public Seminar: Trendspotting “Breakthroughs” in the Middle East

Lund University organises annually a “Future Week” and this year’s theme is “Breakthroughs” in all conceivable forms. Centre for Middle Eastern Studies is participating with a panel of Middle East scholars who will present five trendspotting on a broad range of topics from climate change, migration, human rights, protracted conflict, democratization to peace and regional security.

Report on coming environmental crisis in MENA

What the World Can Do about the Middle East’s Coming Environmental Crisis

Author: Dr. Johan Schaar (SIPRI)
December 14, 2020

The Century Foundation


In the Middle East and North Africa, the twin problems of degraded natural resources and insecurity reinforce each other in a vicious cycle. In this paper, the author outlines why the international community should stop treating them in isolation. 

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