UI Brief on Aid dependency in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The Problems with Aid Dependency and the Need for a Plan B

Author: Annie Wernersson (UI)
November, 2021

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs


This UI Brief reviews the lessons learned from 20 years of providing aid to Afghanistan. It argues that donors must work harder to establish indigenous ownership and develop plans for when circumstances rapidly change, so that the situation of an escalating humanitarian crisis can be avoided in the future.

CMES Research Seminar – The Development of the Theological and Political Aspects of Jihadi-Salafism.

Orwa Ajjoub presents his newly published report From Afghanistan to Syria: The Development of the Theological and Political Aspects of Jihadi-Salafism (financed by CMES and SASNET).

Here you can read the full report


Orwa Ajjoub is research associate at CMES and publishes regularly at different media websites, such as Middle East Institute, Syria Deeply, Aljumhuriya and others.


Nihad Jariri is a documentary producer based in the United Arab Emirates. Nihad is a prominent journalist in the Arab world with a particular interest in jihadism. She is also the host of the acclaimed and only Arabic language podcast focusing on jihadism Marsad al-Jihadia.

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