Book on conducting research in hostile environments

Safer Field Research in the Social Sciences: A Guide to Human and Digital Security in Hostile Environments

Authors: Jannis Grimm, Kevin Koehler, Ellen M. Lust, Ilyas Saliba & Isabell Schierenbeck

SAGE Publishing


Exploring the challenges and risks of social science fieldwork, this book shares best practice for conducting research in hostile environments and pragmatic advice to help you make good decisions.

Drawing on the authors’ experiences in regions of conflict and grounded in real-world examples, the book:

·        Provides practical guidance on important considerations like choosing a research question in sensitive contexts

·        Gives advice on data and digital security to help you minimize fieldwork risk in a contemporary research environment

·        Offers tools and templates you can use to develop a tailored security framework

Building your understanding of the challenges of on-the-ground research, this book empowers you to meet the challenges of your research landscape head on.