Global Media Representation of the Syrian City of Raqqa


Click here to watch the recorded event. School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University is hosting a panel debate to discuss the symbolism and media representation of the Syrian city of Raqqa, in various news and media outlets, films, books and series. Raqqa city features in many different shapes and forms, for example in

MEDirections Roundtable | Managing the risk of a military collision in the Persian Gulf: where to start?

Tytti Erästö is a Senior Researcher at the SIPRI Nuclear Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme will be in the panel of this interesting roundtable: After the heightened tension between the United States and Iran during the Trump administration, the risk of an all-out war in the Persian Gulf has dangerously increased. While international attention

CMES Research Seminar – The Development of the Theological and Political Aspects of Jihadi-Salafism.


Orwa Ajjoub presents his newly published report From Afghanistan to Syria: The Development of the Theological and Political Aspects of Jihadi-Salafism (financed by CMES and SASNET). Here you can read the full report Presenter: Orwa Ajjoub is research associate at CMES and publishes regularly at different media websites, such as Middle East Institute, Syria Deeply, Aljumhuriya and others. Discussant: Nihad Jariri is

CMES Research Seminar – The Missing Sense of Peace [in Syria and Yemen]. Diplomatic Approachment and Virtualization during the Covid-19 Lockdown.


Isabel Bramsen and Anine Hagemann present their article "The missing sense of peace : Diplomatic approachment and virtualization during the COVID-19" Abstract With the unprecedented COVID-lockdown in 2020, many peace diplomatic efforts turned virtual. This represented a temporary loss of many of the usual practices of peace diplomacy and provided an opportunity to examine virtual diplomacy as all that

CMES Research Seminar – Rethinking Environmental Security. The Lessons Learned from the Middle East.


Kaveh Madani, Yale University, gives a talk on Rethinking Environmental Security: The Lessons Learned from the Middle East. Abstract The attention to the topic of environmental security is on the rise in the 4D (Development, Disaster, Diplomacy and Defense) circles. We have enough evidence to have no doubt that the unsustainable use of natural resources,

CMES Public Seminar: The Arab Spring 10 Years On


Panel discussion with Mohammed Almahfali, CMES, Lund University Mark LeVine, CMES, Lund University, University of Californa Irvine, UCLA Kholoud Mansour, iMMAP Maria Malmström, CMES, Lund University Charlotta Sparre, Director of the Swedish Dialogue Institute for the Middle East and North Africa Moderator Karin Aggestam, CMES, Lund University Please visit CMES event page for more information about speakers, abstracts and registration for seminars.