Welcome to a SWEMENA Seminar on the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database!

On the 11 May 16.00-17.15 CEST, SIPRI will be hosting the next SWEMENA seminar, discussing the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database. The seminar will be open to all researchers and practitioners interested in the MENA region. Make sure to register as soon as possible, as there are limited spots available.

Introduction to the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database – Trends in the MENA region.

The seminar will discuss the SIPRI Arms Transfer Database as a tool to identify trends and patterns in international arms transfers. By analyzing data on arms transfers, it will examine several case studies to investigate international arms transfers data in relation to international security and national foreign and defence policies and inter-state relations with a focus on MENA.


Alexandra Kuimova, Researcher at SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme

Pieter Wezeman, Senior Researcher at SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme

When: 11 May, 16.00-17.15 (CEST)

Where: Via Zoom (Link will be sent to all who register)

Registration: You register by sending an email containing name and affiliation to mattias.svahn@ui.se, no later than Sunday, 9 May. (Limited spots available)

Webinar Global Media Representation of the Syrian City of Raqqa: a roundtable debate

On 11 December 2020, School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University hosted a panel debate to discuss the symbolism and media representation of the Syrian city of Raqqa, in various news and media outlets, films, books and series.

Raqqa city features in many different shapes and forms, for example in books such as the Road from Raqqa and here in Sweden a TV-series called “Kalifat” is partly situated in Raqqa city as the backdrop hotbed of jihadism and ISIS. Viewers do not actually get to know the city. In other words, everybody knows Raqqa nowadays but nobody actually knows the city and its people.

The aim of this panel to give a more in-depth and nuanced insight into this Syrian city that has become well-known globally. The roundtable is conducted by a panel of Syrian writers and journalists from Raqqa as well as scholarly media experts from Sweden.

Panel members:

• Yassin al-Haj Saleh, Dissident Syrian-Arab Writer from Raqqa, also called “the conscience of the Syrian Revolution”, author of 8 books on Syria
• Mazen Hassoun, Syrian Journalist from Raqqa, founder of “Al-Raqqa post”
• Hussam Eesa, Journalist from Raqqa, founding-member of “Raqqa is being slaughteredsilently”
• Josepha Wessels, author of “Documenting Syria: Film-making, Video Activism and
Revolution” K3, Malmö University, Sweden (moderator)

Welcome to SWEMENA

Welcome everyone!

We are happy to announce that the website is now up and running. Mattias Svan and Lucia Ardovini from the UI have layed the ground for the rest of us to build from.

On this page we will be able to post various content in the form of blog posts. The idea is that we all write short pieces on a topic of our interest.