New book on the Muslim Brotherhood in exile

Surviving repression – The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood after the 2013 coup

Author: Lucia Ardovini (UI & Lancaster University)
March, 2022

Manchester University Press


Surviving repression tells the story of the Muslim Brotherhood following the 2013 coup d’├ętat in Egypt. The Brotherhood gained legal recognition and quickly rose to power after the 2011 Arab uprisings, but its subsequent removal from office marked the beginning of the harshest repression of its troubled history. Forced into exile, the Brotherhood and its members are now faced with a monumental task as they rebuild this fragmented organisation.

Drawing on extensive fieldwork and interviews with current and former members of the Brotherhood, the book explores this new era in the movement’s history, emphasising first-hand experiences, perspectives and emotions to better understand how individual responses to repression are affecting the movement as a whole.

Surviving repression offers a unique insight into the main strategic, ideological and organizational debates dividing the Brotherhood.